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Choral Symposium

June 24-28, 2019

Texas State Performing Arts Center 

San Marcos, TX

Sponsored by the Choral Faculty at Texas State University and Conspirare, our Choral Conducting Symposium is a unique opportunity for participants to RENEW and REFINE their choral artistry. 

Professional and non-professional choristers, graduate students, music educators, church musicians, and conductors from all aspects of the choral experience will gather for shared learning, renewal, and growth.



Dr. Craig Hella Johnson

Artist-in-Residence Texas State University Artistic Director, Conspirare

RENEW. One focus of the symposium is a return to the muses that called us to this art. Interest sessions and daily activities during the Symposium are designed to reaffirm our calling and provide participants with skills to help them re-center and re-focus from the myriad distractions we encounter.

Symposium Ensemble

The Symposium Ensemble will include all participants

as well as members of the Grammy Award winning ensemble



Micah Bland with Jonathan Babcock

Assistant Choir Director, Rowe High School, McAllen, Texas


Andrew S. Dibble

Choral Director, Indian Springs School, Pelham, Alabama

REFINE. A second focus of the symposium is to provide participants with opportunities to refine their skills as a choral leader – including conducting gesture, rehearsal technique, repertoire selection, score study & preparation, and leadership development.


Sydney J. Sewell

Carrollton, Georgia

Interest Sessions

  • Centering self -- finding calm and gaining focus.
  • Leadership from the podium.
  • Highly effective repertoire for teaching and artistry.
  • Vocal pedagogy in the choral rehearsal.
  • Conducting 101 - a return to the basics.
  • Conducting 202 - advanced concepts.
  • Round Robin - each participant shares!

Thomas Chafin with Craig Hella Johnson & Symposium Choir

Choir Director, Allatoona High School, Kennesaw, Georgia

Sample Daily Schedule

8:20 am Morning Gathering A time to center and focus
9:00 am Session 1 Topics below
10:30 Session 2 Topics below

1:00 pm Master Class Sessions One-on-one podium time with the Symposium Choir
5:00 pm End of day